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Small is beautiful…

It is so rewarding to just get on your feet, join a gang of Rotarians and get going into a community immersion to make a difference. There are those folk in our club that “jump into the car and go” — names are just too many to mention but it would be unfair if the likes of Haladahar Dey, saumen Ray, Amit Ghosh, Atin Sen to just name a few, as the ‘lead disruptors of a relaxed weekend’ aren’t mentioned. And so it would be that one such pathfinder would call and say — with notice of between 30 min and 48 hrs — lets go !!..

That’s the magic and magnet — one is hooked. Ask Rtn Subhashis Ghatak, ever ready for an expedition..

It does not matter what you accomplish-very often perhaps just dental or eye care-when you get back and think it does make a difference. One of those little buddies is going to go places, so let’s make that happen!

It really could be anything. Giving out some mosquito nets as protection against dengue, perhaps some blankets as protection against the winter breeze, and you are made to think single, or double size, will they sell what we give them? That kid with caries or the grand mom with cataract or glaucoma. Think about it, but for you they wouldn’t even know.. and they all bless us..

The impact of the small, the incremental for the marginal-don’t hesitate to participate..

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