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first lady gay and rip mark maloney
graced rotary sadan

The first couple came to Rotary Sadan just after Valentine’s Day as if to cement a fairy tale love affair! The lawns were bedecked to perfection to receive them. And the Ladies, oh the Ladies in their Reds and Pinks, were like a zillion roses! What a setting for this much anticipated event! And the mild Kolkata winter did not disappoint.

Mark took time off from a busy schedule at the RICS 2020 to fulfil his promise to “The Old Number One”. Not that the schedule was in any way unbusy at the Sadan — President Purnendu had seen to that. And the little ones (and the not so little ones) from the Nitish Chandra Laharry Children’s Library & CuIturaI Section were just adorable in their welcome presentation dressed in the prettiest whites!

Mark signed up to be an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Calcutta that day! And timed to perfection was the handover of the Charter to the Rotary Club of Calcutta Centenary by Mark. A third highlight was the handover of an electric vehicle to a beneficiary.

Perhaps the highest of the highlights was for Gay and Mark to have stepped off the podium to greet Sukhshamji seated on her special chair, an act of old world warmth, courtesy, and grace.

Thanks Gay, much thanks, Mark. Your smiles tell us you enjoyed the time spent!

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