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health projects

This centennial club has had an unparalled record in the healthcare avenue of service. Rotary’s thrust in healthcare is on both preventive and curative. And in both, the club’s interventions have been unique and impactful. Over 100,000 infants and children have been immunised. As an extension, thousands of women have protected themselves through voluntary contraception, both

interventions funded by a global grant. And this in areas populated by some of the most underprivileged and excluded humanity on earth. To further enhance the development of these children, a school building has been conceptualised as a centenary project with the same field agencies as partners, awaiting project implementation, supported by a global grant. A mention must be

made here of the singular Dr Tobias Vogt, who came to Kolkata from Germany and has lived on for over 15 years serving this community. Over 700 heart surgeries for extremely needy children and adults have been conducted also under a global grant.

In collaboration with the Eye Foundation of America, a highly sophisticated piece of equipment has been installed in Priyamvada Birla Eye Hospital that can detect potential blindness in premature babies. Equipment have been provided to a local multispecialty Mercy Hospital for modernising 2 operation theatres and a Critical Care Unit. An Electric Vehicle has been given to the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata. Many of our members from the medical fraternity are continuously holding camps in our outreach centres.

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