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Availability of clean water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management are most impactful in reducing water borne diseases (children can be regular in schools), long term behaviour modification and so on. Yet the immeasurable impact comes through the freedom that women get from open defecation and carrying water over long distances. That translates to literacy and the manifold impact on welfare enhancement.

From “out there” to “in here” – that’s the mission!

Our WASH journey started in 2017-18 and we have leapfrogged since with four Community Projects in our outreach areas. Each is carefully conceived, minutely monitored at implementation and closely followed up for optimal usage. All our WASH projects are under Global Grant allocations with foreign club partners across the UK, US and Europe. Two projects are now under active research.

We had the occasion to take some of our centenary guests to two WASH project sites. Effusive in their praise for the projects per se, we wonder what they thought of the transit to-and-fro.. the Tempo Travellers detailed at their disposal are bare bones, musty, cramped – certainly no transport of delight for long limbed occidentals! Oh and the roads – our guests would have imagined, quite accurately, being inside the Lunar Rover as it went about its peregrinations. Salutations!

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